Plastic surgery, as a special branch of medicine, has its roots in ancient societies and originates from India. Plastic surgery aims to correct external defects and to provide the patient with the desired correction.

Modern cosmetic surgery is in constant development

Technological progress in the field of plastic surgery has been achieved with the introduction of modern lasers, silicone implants, and special surgical sutures.

A modern surgeon should be aware of his assessments and the possibility of proposing to the patient the best solution for correction. Aesthetic surgeries are performed on completely healthy patients.

Although complications are possible, they are still reduced to a historical minimum, so that they are almost non-existent. With the most experienced surgeons, you are completely safe and secure.

Plastic surgeries can also be divided according to the areas in which they are performed:

  • Facial corrections
  • Abdominal corrections
  • Breast corrections
  • Correction of legs / buttocks / hips

Face corrections include:

  • Tightening the forehead skin
  • Tightening the skin on the face and neck
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Lip surgery
  • Corrections on the nose
  • Surgical lip augmentation
  • Beard corrections

Breast Corrections:

  • Enlargement by implantation of silicone prosthesis
  • Breast reduction
  • Position correction/skin tightening
  • Symmetry correction

Abdominal Correction:

  • Tightening the skin of the abdomen
  • Tightening of the abdominal wall
  • Surgical waist correction

The vast majority of people think that plastic surgery is the same as aesthetic. But that is not true. Plastic surgery is a much more complex procedure, and it also includes cosmetic surgery. It is part of the medical specialty and includes aesthetic, reconstructive, craniofacial, microsurgery, etc. In other words, plastic surgery, in addition to aesthetic operations and interventions, also includes operations for functional defects of body parts.

Why More People Are Getting Plastic Surgery

According to the experience of surgeon Dagan MD so far, the reasons for undergoing plastic surgery are numerous, which is normal because it is used today in almost all parts of the world and offers many advantages. With the help of plastic surgery, we can remove the first signs of aging, which is an ideal treatment for all women. And not only that, all the shortcomings of the human body can be effectively solved in this way.

Final Words

Whatever procedure you decide on, we strongly recommend that you always inquire about the experience of the surgeon to whom you will give your trust and that you consult with him in advance about everything you think in order to achieve the best results of the operation.